Daphne’s Blog #5

New project. I’m was thinking that there are probably some young fellows in the hospital as well and maybe they would like something to, so to that end I have fashioned a little boys carry case/pencil case/truck holder.

I used the Teddy Bear material that was in our Mystery Box. It’s quite hard on one side and then it’s very soft on the inside so it wasn’t really suitable for anything that would be cuddled.

I used the same lining as I used for the Princess Bag and lined it before putting a zip in it to close it all up. Very simple and looks rather like an oversized pencil case. Used the NS10 for this project.

Didn’t take too long so now that I’m an “expert” at Princess bags and needed something else to start on,  I have made 2 more princess bags. Not quite the amount of work of the first one but they look OK.

That’s it for this week.

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Aimee’s Blog #5 – Feeling like the Goose Girl

I have finally finished sewing up the Belly of the Beast and have attached a monster’s eyeball, button and all! And now my hands are covered in tiny pinpricks…I’m really clumsy, and should not be put in charge of sharp things. I wonder, should I fill in an ACC form…?

At any rate, the whale is now done and hanging on the wall. I’m a little disappointed, his belly is kinda messy – alternatively, I am really fussy. Think I’ll stick to knitting and science!

In a couple of week the monster will be done too! I kinda regret putting his face on the lighter side of the fabric. But, I noticed while taking the photo, that there are two little dots where a nose would be. It all worked out in the end 😀


Blog post 5

Now to find a plaster…

Aimee Pond

Daphne’s Blog #4

OK so it’s all finished. The bag is done the Tutu is finished and I’ve done a little headband (Crown) as well.

With the Head band I used some of the purple bias binding included in our Mystery Box. sewed it to a strip of the material I was using and neatened the edges using the Overlocker.

Turned it in on itself and sewed on some more of the little bows also from our Mystery Box. The elastic in the head band also came from the box.

So that’s that, my Princess bag and it’s ‘ booty’ are complete. Guess I now have to find another project.


Katie’s Blog #2

My doll is complete, and is waiting to be dressed. So this week I made the doll’s underwear from stretchy white lace – that worked really well.

Now the doll needs a pretty dress so I’m making a dress pattern – that’s my new skill for the week.

The dress ended up being a skirt and top, and it looks a bit like a Japanese Kimono!! I used colourful fabric, edged with green lace. Still needs a bit of work….

I also made a cushion using the Fraggle Rock fabric. Super cute !!


knitting girl

Katie Woollencloak

Aimee’s Blog #4 – Smile

So, I am a week or two out for Halloween, but feeling magical today while I work on My Little Monster. I had to do a few little experiments to get his smile right, mucking about with stitch length and tension. And very soon I’ll have to do my favourite thing! You know…sewing buttons…yay!

photo 4

This week I’m going to have to watch a few YouTube videos to learn how to do some hand sewing business. The felt of his eyes and heart need to be stitched on just-so, and I still have a gutted whale to perform surgery on.

Neuroscience is easier than this! And I should know *wink*

Aimee Pond

Daphne’s Blog #3

Well my “Princess” carry bag is complete. I used the Brother NS30 with straight stitch 2 and folded the top of the bag over to make a drawstring pocket. Through this I threaded some ribbon (courtesy of our mystery box) and then sewed on (by hand) little bows also from the mystery box. It looks OK to me.

There I though, that’s done. My associate in the shop then made the comment, “What is a princess without a dress.”

OK project no 2. I embarked on making a “tutu”. So using the same material as I used for the bag, I cut 2 pieces and proceeded to neaten them and hem them using the NS30 straight stitch 2 then going around again using fancy stitch No 45 and 56. It’s lovely to have a machine that pretty much does it for you. So that is complete too. Oh by the way “What’s a princess without a head band (crown) so that project is now under-way. So it’s next week’s peeps.

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Aimee’s Blog #3 – As easy as stuffing a dead goldfish for the Sunday roast

Sewing around corners is….not easy….I’m pretty sure there must be a trick to it which I might look to learn before I sew up the monster….

But –

The whale is more or less finished! I just need to sew up his belly. Using the Brother NS10 is so great, I don’t need to worry about a foot peddle – so because it is electronic my speed was a nice and even snail-pace. Then the stuffing commenced – isn’t it funny how whenever you think it is done, you always need to put a little bit more in? Managed to rope in a couple of customers to help with the final verdict. I’m mostly happy with it, except his wrinkly seam. But he is obviously a whale of some kind, so mission accomplished!

Blog post 3 picture

I will definitely stick to knitted and crocheted toys though I’ll admit…

Daphnes’s Blog #2

Head ,Heart, Hands 

So I cut the Dacron, lining and outside material all to the same size. The idea is to put Dacron onto the cover material and then to line the whole thing before finishing with bows and ribbon.

Great first thought as the Dacron behaved itself and using the Brother NS10 with some purple variegated thread that came in our mystery box, these two articles (fabric and Dacron) were fused together (with a straight stitch) with such ease that there should have been an almighty red flag screaming “It’s all going toooo smoothly.”

Sure enough, moving onto the Brother Overlocker and first “Road Block”, the machine needed rethreading. So that is still a work in progress as I ran out of time (and patience).

Ok so back again. What wonderful customers we have. I was having a hard time re-threading the overlocker and my lovely lady said that with hers it made a difference which order she had to thread it. Eureka moment. So having now rethreaded the whole machine we were off again. I’ve neatened all the sides using the overlocker and sewed the seams together.

I’ve sewed the lining in and now there is hand stitching to do. Enough for now.

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Katie’s Blog #1

I have never done a blog before so the first thing I’m learning is how to do a blog …

And I don’t do much sewing – I’m very low-tech and I prefer doing things by hand, not by machine. Knitting and hand sewing I enjoy. In fact, Aimee, I’m feeling very special because I do like sewing buttons!!

The charity we have chosen is the Wellington Children’s Hospital.

So far I have spent some time rummaging in the mystery box, trying to get some inspiration, and have decided to make a doll and some doll’s clothes for the children staying in hospital.

I have almost finished making my doll, then I will start making some clothes using the fabric and trims from our mystery box.

knitting girl

Katie Woollencloak