Katie’s Blog #7-8

This week I finished the bunting, it is approximately three and a half metres long.

We now have a lovely collection of children’s toys and accessories, ready to go to the Children’s Hospital in Wellington.

Merry Christmas !!

knitting girl

Katie Woollencloak


Katie’s Blog #5

My new skill for this week is … how to use the camera and take photos of my creations (applause!). And then upload the photo onto the computer, attach it to the email, insert my latest blog, and send it (more applause!).

I have also been sewing more triangles for the bunting, which is getting longer and longer …

Check out the photo of doll + cushions + bunting


knitting girl

Katie Woollencloak

Katie’s Blog #4

This week I got another two cushion inserts so I finished two more cushions – a blue one with teddies, and a pink one with roses. And the bunting is getting longer and longer …

We are all a little bit accident-prone here in Welly. As I was sewing up a cushion I stabbed myself with the needle, and there was blood. So, as I went looking for a band aid, I wondered if I should write it up in the accident register…


knitting girl

Katie Woollencloak

Katie’s Blog #2

My doll is complete, and is waiting to be dressed. So this week I made the doll’s underwear from stretchy white lace – that worked really well.

Now the doll needs a pretty dress so I’m making a dress pattern – that’s my new skill for the week.

The dress ended up being a skirt and top, and it looks a bit like a Japanese Kimono!! I used colourful fabric, edged with green lace. Still needs a bit of work….

I also made a cushion using the Fraggle Rock fabric. Super cute !!


knitting girl

Katie Woollencloak

Katie’s Blog #1

I have never done a blog before so the first thing I’m learning is how to do a blog …

And I don’t do much sewing – I’m very low-tech and I prefer doing things by hand, not by machine. Knitting and hand sewing I enjoy. In fact, Aimee, I’m feeling very special because I do like sewing buttons!!

The charity we have chosen is the Wellington Children’s Hospital.

So far I have spent some time rummaging in the mystery box, trying to get some inspiration, and have decided to make a doll and some doll’s clothes for the children staying in hospital.

I have almost finished making my doll, then I will start making some clothes using the fabric and trims from our mystery box.

knitting girl

Katie Woollencloak