Daphne’s Blog #8


Here we are at the end of our journey. Bat Cat is all ready to go join the world. He has super powers I’ve decided. He won’t tell anyone your secrets so he’s easy to talk to, he won’t run away ’cause he has no feet and he will cuddle you whenever you want. That makes him perfect for a sick or frightened child. His tail was going to be a tale of two kitties but didn’t get to his brother.

This sewing journey has been interesting and not just in using the machines but getting the idea from my head and heart to my hands has been fascinating, frustrating and a little bit of fun.


Merry Christmas everyone.


Daphne’s Blog #7

Another week has come and gone and the sewing journey continues (slowly due to stock taking etc).

The cuddle pillow takes shade and “Bat Cat” is born. Sophisticated, debonair and bright of eyes (all hand sewn down of course) Bat Cat can chase away all fears and give a cuddle in return. Using the NS10 he is tight and terrific.

Have a great week and it’s up up and away (Opps not sure whose catch phrase that is but it will do).


Daphne’s Blog #6

Here we are again, I had finished most of the other things I was making so decided to embark on a free drawing of a Pussy cat. It was a work in progress and started life as a PJ case when I fully intended to put a zip in it so the initial pieces were lined. As a consequence of over locking things and taking too much of a seam, it now appears to be too small for original thoughts. So now it is to become a cuddle pillow as the fabric (out of the mystery box) is flannel so soft enough to cuddle.

Life is a journey and we should not be afraid to change course should the original one not be working out. Enough of the philosophy already the stock take is waiting. Chow until next week.

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Daphne’s Blog #5

New project. I’m was thinking that there are probably some young fellows in the hospital as well and maybe they would like something to, so to that end I have fashioned a little boys carry case/pencil case/truck holder.

I used the Teddy Bear material that was in our Mystery Box. It’s quite hard on one side and then it’s very soft on the inside so it wasn’t really suitable for anything that would be cuddled.

I used the same lining as I used for the Princess Bag and lined it before putting a zip in it to close it all up. Very simple and looks rather like an oversized pencil case. Used the NS10 for this project.

Didn’t take too long so now that I’m an “expert” at Princess bags and needed something else to start on,  I have made 2 more princess bags. Not quite the amount of work of the first one but they look OK.

That’s it for this week.

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Daphne’s Blog #4

OK so it’s all finished. The bag is done the Tutu is finished and I’ve done a little headband (Crown) as well.

With the Head band I used some of the purple bias binding included in our Mystery Box. sewed it to a strip of the material I was using and neatened the edges using the Overlocker.

Turned it in on itself and sewed on some more of the little bows also from our Mystery Box. The elastic in the head band also came from the box.

So that’s that, my Princess bag and it’s ‘ booty’ are complete. Guess I now have to find another project.


Daphne’s Blog #3

Well my “Princess” carry bag is complete. I used the Brother NS30 with straight stitch 2 and folded the top of the bag over to make a drawstring pocket. Through this I threaded some ribbon (courtesy of our mystery box) and then sewed on (by hand) little bows also from the mystery box. It looks OK to me.

There I though, that’s done. My associate in the shop then made the comment, “What is a princess without a dress.”

OK project no 2. I embarked on making a “tutu”. So using the same material as I used for the bag, I cut 2 pieces and proceeded to neaten them and hem them using the NS30 straight stitch 2 then going around again using fancy stitch No 45 and 56. It’s lovely to have a machine that pretty much does it for you. So that is complete too. Oh by the way “What’s a princess without a head band (crown) so that project is now under-way. So it’s next week’s peeps.

004 005

Daphnes’s Blog #2

Head ,Heart, Hands 

So I cut the Dacron, lining and outside material all to the same size. The idea is to put Dacron onto the cover material and then to line the whole thing before finishing with bows and ribbon.

Great first thought as the Dacron behaved itself and using the Brother NS10 with some purple variegated thread that came in our mystery box, these two articles (fabric and Dacron) were fused together (with a straight stitch) with such ease that there should have been an almighty red flag screaming “It’s all going toooo smoothly.”

Sure enough, moving onto the Brother Overlocker and first “Road Block”, the machine needed rethreading. So that is still a work in progress as I ran out of time (and patience).

Ok so back again. What wonderful customers we have. I was having a hard time re-threading the overlocker and my lovely lady said that with hers it made a difference which order she had to thread it. Eureka moment. So having now rethreaded the whole machine we were off again. I’ve neatened all the sides using the overlocker and sewed the seams together.

I’ve sewed the lining in and now there is hand stitching to do. Enough for now.

002 003

Daphne’s Blog #1

Mystery Box Blog.

What is a blog really? It is today’s way of communicating the information our parents would have or should have given us.

Learning to sew with my mother was one of my earliest memories. It’s comforting to know your Mum is close by and so it is when you are in hospital and not feeling so hot. It’s hard to know what to make for a sick child that will make them feel better. I have decided to go with the “I’d like to feel like a Princess”. I have decided to make little Princess tote bags.

They can be used to keep your secret stuff. Maybe even put them out for Christmas if you are unlucky enough to be in hospital for Christmas.

As it turns out I’m not much of a sewer. I’ve always adhered to the adage that if it looked ok on the outside then that was OK by me. I’m hoping I’ll learn the fundamentals of making it OK on the inside as well.

From my heart to my head to my hands, I hope to make a little something that will make a child smile.

I’ve already made my first mistake. I have cut the Dacron too small. Bother back to the beginning. The Brother NS10 was sewing so nicely but will have to undo the lot.

So that’s my start. Have included a picture of some of what I intend to use. Lining and what looks like an old curtain, have come out of the Mystery Box.