Aimee’s Blog #7 -The Journey is complete

The journey is complete; I have made two toys for the Wellington Children’s hospital! A little monster with a lot of love to give, and a cute, cuddly whale. But I’ll admit, I feel a little like Samwise right now, and just want to go home to my nice Hobbit hole. Sewing is clearly something that just doesn’t come naturally to me. I can’t see myself sitting and doing this for hours, although the small amount that I do helps me feel like I’m keeping the skill alive.

I hope these little guys find a loving girl or boy and that they bring a smile to the family.


x Aimee


Aimee’s Blog #6 – It’s the heart that counts

My new favourite thing that I have sewn this Journey, the Monster’s Heart. I am quite proud of it. Such a small thing, but it makes the Monster look 100% cooler.


Not too far now, he just needs to be sewn to his back, and then stuffed, stuffy, stuff…


Aimee Pond

Aimee’s Blog #5 – Feeling like the Goose Girl

I have finally finished sewing up the Belly of the Beast and have attached a monster’s eyeball, button and all! And now my hands are covered in tiny pinpricks…I’m really clumsy, and should not be put in charge of sharp things. I wonder, should I fill in an ACC form…?

At any rate, the whale is now done and hanging on the wall. I’m a little disappointed, his belly is kinda messy – alternatively, I am really fussy. Think I’ll stick to knitting and science!

In a couple of week the monster will be done too! I kinda regret putting his face on the lighter side of the fabric. But, I noticed while taking the photo, that there are two little dots where a nose would be. It all worked out in the end 😀


Blog post 5

Now to find a plaster…

Aimee Pond

Aimee’s Blog #4 – Smile

So, I am a week or two out for Halloween, but feeling magical today while I work on My Little Monster. I had to do a few little experiments to get his smile right, mucking about with stitch length and tension. And very soon I’ll have to do my favourite thing! You know…sewing buttons…yay!

photo 4

This week I’m going to have to watch a few YouTube videos to learn how to do some hand sewing business. The felt of his eyes and heart need to be stitched on just-so, and I still have a gutted whale to perform surgery on.

Neuroscience is easier than this! And I should know *wink*

Aimee Pond

Aimee’s Blog #3 – As easy as stuffing a dead goldfish for the Sunday roast

Sewing around corners is….not easy….I’m pretty sure there must be a trick to it which I might look to learn before I sew up the monster….

But –

The whale is more or less finished! I just need to sew up his belly. Using the Brother NS10 is so great, I don’t need to worry about a foot peddle – so because it is electronic my speed was a nice and even snail-pace. Then the stuffing commenced – isn’t it funny how whenever you think it is done, you always need to put a little bit more in? Managed to rope in a couple of customers to help with the final verdict. I’m mostly happy with it, except his wrinkly seam. But he is obviously a whale of some kind, so mission accomplished!

Blog post 3 picture

I will definitely stick to knitted and crocheted toys though I’ll admit…

Aimee’s Bog #2 – Whale of a time-s 2

I have never met anyone who likes to sew a button. Thought I would mention it, just in case you are reading this and think “but I love to sew buttons!” That should make you feel rare and special, Happy Reader!

I had fun trying to pick an appropriate “eye” button for my whale, so many to choose from. I might have to make a second one simply to cover all the choices I had to make, the different paths I have travelled down. I did notice a slight error after I had cut out my piece of whale – one of the tails has a little of that frustrating white selvedge edge. Not to matter, I think with the 1/4″ seam that should be hard to spot.

Also, after sewing on one button, I realised that it gave him a gloomy expression due to the angle of the button hole. I reversed this on the other side to give him a more cheerful disposition. Now, he is a happy-chappie on one side and a sad-sook on the other.

Aimee blog photo 2

My monster got a look in this week as well, just managed to cut out the fabric shapes for him as I need to get some felty felt for his eyes and heart and tooth.

I feel like someone needs to knit these little guys a sweater each, they are adorable!

Aimee Pond

Aimee’s Blog #1 – Whale Oil Beef Hooked

To start off, I have a confession to make

– I’m totally not a sewer…I even go out of my way to avoid sewing knitting…

I mean, I can physically do the thing but I’d be lying if I said I enjoyed it or that I was particularly good at it. But, we have been presented with a challenge – and I say, challenge accepted!

I present to you here My Sewing Journey: A Mystery Box Challenge

Our chosen charity at Wellington Knit World is the Wellington Children’s’ Hospital, and I’m pretty sure kids love toys (educated guess, I have zero contact with children). Recently my flat mate got a sewing machine for her birthday (the Brother L14) and one of her first projects was an adorable monster. I tracked this down ( and another easy sewing project, the whale softie ( I’ve chosen some of the colourful fabric from our mystery box, and will need to track down some felted fabric and soft-toy stuffing.

Toys for Aimee blog

Step one is cutting out the pattern and the fabric. I’ve made the monster 125% larger because he looked like he will be a little small to sew and still have all his features, and I think I will add a small sewing allowance around his outside as well 🙂

Wish me luck! I’m not doing the whole “measure twice, cut once” thing you see…

Aimee Pond