Aimee’s Blog #5 – Feeling like the Goose Girl

I have finally finished sewing up the Belly of the Beast and have attached a monster’s eyeball, button and all! And now my hands are covered in tiny pinpricks…I’m really clumsy, and should not be put in charge of sharp things. I wonder, should I fill in an ACC form…?

At any rate, the whale is now done and hanging on the wall. I’m a little disappointed, his belly is kinda messy – alternatively, I am really fussy. Think I’ll stick to knitting and science!

In a couple of week the monster will be done too! I kinda regret putting his face on the lighter side of the fabric. But, I noticed while taking the photo, that there are two little dots where a nose would be. It all worked out in the end 😀


Blog post 5

Now to find a plaster…

Aimee Pond


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