Daphne’s Blog #3

Well my “Princess” carry bag is complete. I used the Brother NS30 with straight stitch 2 and folded the top of the bag over to make a drawstring pocket. Through this I threaded some ribbon (courtesy of our mystery box) and then sewed on (by hand) little bows also from the mystery box. It looks OK to me.

There I though, that’s done. My associate in the shop then made the comment, “What is a princess without a dress.”

OK project no 2. I embarked on making a “tutu”. So using the same material as I used for the bag, I cut 2 pieces and proceeded to neaten them and hem them using the NS30 straight stitch 2 then going around again using fancy stitch No 45 and 56. It’s lovely to have a machine that pretty much does it for you. So that is complete too. Oh by the way “What’s a princess without a head band (crown) so that project is now under-way. So it’s next week’s peeps.

004 005


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