Aimee’s Blog #3 – As easy as stuffing a dead goldfish for the Sunday roast

Sewing around corners is….not easy….I’m pretty sure there must be a trick to it which I might look to learn before I sew up the monster….

But –

The whale is more or less finished! I just need to sew up his belly. Using the Brother NS10 is so great, I don’t need to worry about a foot peddle – so because it is electronic my speed was a nice and even snail-pace. Then the stuffing commenced – isn’t it funny how whenever you think it is done, you always need to put a little bit more in? Managed to rope in a couple of customers to help with the final verdict. I’m mostly happy with it, except his wrinkly seam. But he is obviously a whale of some kind, so mission accomplished!

Blog post 3 picture

I will definitely stick to knitted and crocheted toys though I’ll admit…


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