Daphnes’s Blog #2

Head ,Heart, Hands 

So I cut the Dacron, lining and outside material all to the same size. The idea is to put Dacron onto the cover material and then to line the whole thing before finishing with bows and ribbon.

Great first thought as the Dacron behaved itself and using the Brother NS10 with some purple variegated thread that came in our mystery box, these two articles (fabric and Dacron) were fused together (with a straight stitch) with such ease that there should have been an almighty red flag screaming “It’s all going toooo smoothly.”

Sure enough, moving onto the Brother Overlocker and first “Road Block”, the machine needed rethreading. So that is still a work in progress as I ran out of time (and patience).

Ok so back again. What wonderful customers we have. I was having a hard time re-threading the overlocker and my lovely lady said that with hers it made a difference which order she had to thread it. Eureka moment. So having now rethreaded the whole machine we were off again. I’ve neatened all the sides using the overlocker and sewed the seams together.

I’ve sewed the lining in and now there is hand stitching to do. Enough for now.

002 003


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