Aimee’s Bog #2 – Whale of a time-s 2

I have never met anyone who likes to sew a button. Thought I would mention it, just in case you are reading this and think “but I love to sew buttons!” That should make you feel rare and special, Happy Reader!

I had fun trying to pick an appropriate “eye” button for my whale, so many to choose from. I might have to make a second one simply to cover all the choices I had to make, the different paths I have travelled down. I did notice a slight error after I had cut out my piece of whale – one of the tails has a little of that frustrating white selvedge edge. Not to matter, I think with the 1/4″ seam that should be hard to spot.

Also, after sewing on one button, I realised that it gave him a gloomy expression due to the angle of the button hole. I reversed this on the other side to give him a more cheerful disposition. Now, he is a happy-chappie on one side and a sad-sook on the other.

Aimee blog photo 2

My monster got a look in this week as well, just managed to cut out the fabric shapes for him as I need to get some felty felt for his eyes and heart and tooth.

I feel like someone needs to knit these little guys a sweater each, they are adorable!

Aimee Pond


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