Daphne’s Blog #1

Mystery Box Blog.

What is a blog really? It is today’s way of communicating the information our parents would have or should have given us.

Learning to sew with my mother was one of my earliest memories. It’s comforting to know your Mum is close by and so it is when you are in hospital and not feeling so hot. It’s hard to know what to make for a sick child that will make them feel better. I have decided to go with the “I’d like to feel like a Princess”. I have decided to make little Princess tote bags.

They can be used to keep your secret stuff. Maybe even put them out for Christmas if you are unlucky enough to be in hospital for Christmas.

As it turns out I’m not much of a sewer. I’ve always adhered to the adage that if it looked ok on the outside then that was OK by me. I’m hoping I’ll learn the fundamentals of making it OK on the inside as well.

From my heart to my head to my hands, I hope to make a little something that will make a child smile.

I’ve already made my first mistake. I have cut the Dacron too small. Bother back to the beginning. The Brother NS10 was sewing so nicely but will have to undo the lot.

So that’s my start. Have included a picture of some of what I intend to use. Lining and what looks like an old curtain, have come out of the Mystery Box.



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