Daphne’s Blog #1

Mystery Box Blog.

What is a blog really? It is today’s way of communicating the information our parents would have or should have given us.

Learning to sew with my mother was one of my earliest memories. It’s comforting to know your Mum is close by and so it is when you are in hospital and not feeling so hot. It’s hard to know what to make for a sick child that will make them feel better. I have decided to go with the “I’d like to feel like a Princess”. I have decided to make little Princess tote bags.

They can be used to keep your secret stuff. Maybe even put them out for Christmas if you are unlucky enough to be in hospital for Christmas.

As it turns out I’m not much of a sewer. I’ve always adhered to the adage that if it looked ok on the outside then that was OK by me. I’m hoping I’ll learn the fundamentals of making it OK on the inside as well.

From my heart to my head to my hands, I hope to make a little something that will make a child smile.

I’ve already made my first mistake. I have cut the Dacron too small. Bother back to the beginning. The Brother NS10 was sewing so nicely but will have to undo the lot.

So that’s my start. Have included a picture of some of what I intend to use. Lining and what looks like an old curtain, have come out of the Mystery Box.



Aimee’s Blog #1 – Whale Oil Beef Hooked

To start off, I have a confession to make

– I’m totally not a sewer…I even go out of my way to avoid sewing knitting…

I mean, I can physically do the thing but I’d be lying if I said I enjoyed it or that I was particularly good at it. But, we have been presented with a challenge – and I say, challenge accepted!

I present to you here My Sewing Journey: A Mystery Box Challenge

Our chosen charity at Wellington Knit World is the Wellington Children’s’ Hospital, and I’m pretty sure kids love toys (educated guess, I have zero contact with children). Recently my flat mate got a sewing machine for her birthday (the Brother L14) and one of her first projects was an adorable monster. I tracked this down (http://blog.revoluzzza.com/2009/02/25/tutorial-hopw-to-sew-a-revoluzzzionary-monster-wie-man-ein-revoluzzzionares-monster-naht/) and another easy sewing project, the whale softie (http://www.craftinessisnotoptional.com/2011/03/guest-post-for-i-heart-naptime.html). I’ve chosen some of the colourful fabric from our mystery box, and will need to track down some felted fabric and soft-toy stuffing.

Toys for Aimee blog

Step one is cutting out the pattern and the fabric. I’ve made the monster 125% larger because he looked like he will be a little small to sew and still have all his features, and I think I will add a small sewing allowance around his outside as well 🙂

Wish me luck! I’m not doing the whole “measure twice, cut once” thing you see…

Aimee Pond


logoWellington Children’s Hospital


For our Sewing Journey Knit World Wellington have chosen Wellington Children’s Hospital because…………..

  • To have a sick child is to be almost crippled with dread
  • To have the Children’s Hospital available is a God send
  • Whatever we can make that may cheer up a sick child will be well worth the effort

A big Thank You to Craft Co for supplying us with the tools to use on our “My Sewing Journey”