Daphne’s Blog #8


Here we are at the end of our journey. Bat Cat is all ready to go join the world. He has super powers I’ve decided. He won’t tell anyone your secrets so he’s easy to talk to, he won’t run away ’cause he has no feet and he will cuddle you whenever you want. That makes him perfect for a sick or frightened child. His tail was going to be a tale of two kitties but didn’t get to his brother.

This sewing journey has been interesting and not just in using the machines but getting the idea from my head and heart to my hands has been fascinating, frustrating and a little bit of fun.


Merry Christmas everyone.


Katie’s Blog #7-8

This week I finished the bunting, it is approximately three and a half metres long.

We now have a lovely collection of children’s toys and accessories, ready to go to the Children’s Hospital in Wellington.

Merry Christmas !!

knitting girl

Katie Woollencloak

Aimee’s Blog #7 -The Journey is complete

The journey is complete; I have made two toys for the Wellington Children’s hospital! A little monster with a lot of love to give, and a cute, cuddly whale. But I’ll admit, I feel a little like Samwise right now, and just want to go home to my nice Hobbit hole. Sewing is clearly something that just doesn’t come naturally to me. I can’t see myself sitting and doing this for hours, although the small amount that I do helps me feel like I’m keeping the skill alive.

I hope these little guys find a loving girl or boy and that they bring a smile to the family.


x Aimee

Daphne’s Blog #7

Another week has come and gone and the sewing journey continues (slowly due to stock taking etc).

The cuddle pillow takes shade and “Bat Cat” is born. Sophisticated, debonair and bright of eyes (all hand sewn down of course) Bat Cat can chase away all fears and give a cuddle in return. Using the NS10 he is tight and terrific.

Have a great week and it’s up up and away (Opps not sure whose catch phrase that is but it will do).


Katie’s Blog #5

My new skill for this week is … how to use the camera and take photos of my creations (applause!). And then upload the photo onto the computer, attach it to the email, insert my latest blog, and send it (more applause!).

I have also been sewing more triangles for the bunting, which is getting longer and longer …

Check out the photo of doll + cushions + bunting


knitting girl

Katie Woollencloak

Katie’s Blog #4

This week I got another two cushion inserts so I finished two more cushions – a blue one with teddies, and a pink one with roses. And the bunting is getting longer and longer …

We are all a little bit accident-prone here in Welly. As I was sewing up a cushion I stabbed myself with the needle, and there was blood. So, as I went looking for a band aid, I wondered if I should write it up in the accident register…


knitting girl

Katie Woollencloak

Daphne’s Blog #6

Here we are again, I had finished most of the other things I was making so decided to embark on a free drawing of a Pussy cat. It was a work in progress and started life as a PJ case when I fully intended to put a zip in it so the initial pieces were lined. As a consequence of over locking things and taking too much of a seam, it now appears to be too small for original thoughts. So now it is to become a cuddle pillow as the fabric (out of the mystery box) is flannel so soft enough to cuddle.

Life is a journey and we should not be afraid to change course should the original one not be working out. Enough of the philosophy already the stock take is waiting. Chow until next week.

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